The Rack

The Rack

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/ / / SUPERFAB YARDSALE 2018 \ \ \

by Lissa Rasmussen + Dave Collins

Materials: Unfinished Russian Maple / Fir (Airbnb Standing Landings) + Acrylic offcuts

The Rack was created by a Mahjong enthusiast to hold game tiles, but this versatile piece can hold photos of your favorites or your poker cards while your hands are busy raking in the chips.

The 18” & 15.5” Racks are best for Mahjong, the 12” Racks easily hold playing cards, & the 6” size perfectly holds 7 Scrabble tiles. All of them are perfect for holding your favorite photos!

Cool feature: The acrylic feet can be flipped to adjust the tilt angle of The Rack!

Note: The Superfab Yardsale website is currently set up for local pick-up here in SE Portland, OR. But, we do ship! Please contact with your order & location to receive a shipping quote. Thank you!

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