Cali Mike's Record Crate

Cali Mike's Record Crate

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/ / / SUPERFAB YARDSALE 2016 \ \ \

by Mike McCoy w/Superfab & co. 

Produced originally for Yardsale 2016, we believe this just might be the dopest record crate ever. Made specifically in honor of the amazing DJ's and volunteers who've made a true torch bearer for Portland music and culture. Designed for easy handling and fluid browsing whether its backing you up during a set or sitting on your bedroom floor.

\_____ REMAKES for SUMMER COLLECTION, 2018 _____/

RUN #02  - Superfab Pallet Offcuts  (Rotary Cut Fir ply)

RUN #03 - General Offcut Inventory  (Russian Birch)

RUN #04  - Airbnb Standing Landing Offcuts  (Prefinished Appleply)

Note: The Superfab Yardsale website is currently set up for local pick-up here in SE Portland, OR. But, we do ship! Please contact with your order & location to receive a shipping quote. Thank you!

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